Our Biggest Goals

  • Protect natural and cultural resources.
  • Ensure sustainable recreation use and enjoyment.
  • Enable strong natural resource-based economies.

Having fun hunting is important of course, but safety is the most important thing always. You always need to know what is beyond the area you’re shooting at for miles, never point your weapon at anything you aren’t prepared to shoot, and honestly just use common sense. It’s easy to forget or disregard the sheer lethality of guns, hunting is a very dangerous sport. We’re here to share as many good practices and safety pointers as we can, while fostering a good positive environment.

All it takes is a few imbeciles disregarding the rules to make some drastic actions or change take place, and that’s the last thing that anyone wants.┬áIt’s not a bad idea to take regular refresher courses to keep you on top of your game when it comes to safety. You can never value your safety too much.


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