You might as well accept the fact that you won’t bag a trophy every time you go trout fishing. As you know, what you want to strive for is having a good day some of the time. It’s like batting in baseball, a 300 hitting average is less than 3 out of 10, but that can earn you big money, and it’s much the same principle with trout fishing. So in this article we’ll talk about a few suggestions to help you catch more trout.

It’s normal in nature for an animal to have native abilities that will allow it to protect itself. All fish, including the brown trout, are no exception. For trout, their protection is their extremely sensitive lateral line. This is a line of nerves that run the length of their body and it’s just a pressure transducer. This line is very sensitive to pressure, and enables the trout to “feel” when someone is walking nearby. We kid you not. Watch someone who catches a lot of trout. You will see that they are very careful as they approach a body of water where they hope to find trout. They walk softly, or even crawl, to get to their destination. An inexperienced fisherman will just blunder along and not even try to be quiet. They don’t know any better. Of course, some newbies can’t wait to try out their hip waders, and will head right into the water! They never figure out why they didn’t catch any trout, even after trying their hardest for the whole day.

If you plan your fishing trip for after sundown, either at a new site or at home, you may have the opportunity to catch the best brown trout you’ve ever seen. Recent and current weather conditions are the contributing factors to make this successful. If the trout aren’t able to feed during the daylight hours, they may feel safer feeding after sunset. When the temperature at night is in the low 70s, you will also find the fishing conditions more favorable. So if you have your sights set on larger fish, then give them what they want which are bigger minnows. You will no doubt witness a major feeding rush if there is an upswing to the amount of oxygen in the water. And this is the situation when your choice of bigger minnow bait can yield impressive results.

The way the trout see your bait is important to the success of your fishing. The length of your rod and the diameter of your line are related.

You also have to bear in mind how the water affects the drag on your line. You need to pay attention to the items mentioned above because they determine if your bait appears natural to the trout, or not. If you use a longer rod, it’s possible to use line that has a smaller diameter. Therefore, the drag on the line will be reduced. You can see how all this has a ripple effect on what you do and how you can do it. Stay observant and note which changes cause which reactions by the trout. Learn by doing different things to refine your technique and catch the trout you came after. No matter what kind of fishing you do, these ideas are pertinent.

Landing a wild trout is a very rewarding experience because it means you’ve done something right with these competitive game fish. Consider that you have had a successful day, especially if you are new to trout fishing. There’s a lot more you can learn about trout fishing. Keep studying and striving to surpass what you’ve done before. Learn about the different conditions you can encounter when fishing and how to apply your knowledge.