Hunting is a practice done from a very long time. Hunting was very famous and when men in those days started to settle down, went out to hunt animals in the forest, and the women at home cooked the meal for the family. Slowly killing became a hobby and a man who captured a ferocious animal was considered brave. As technology improved, guns got introduced, and people started hunting down animals using the weapon; this made hunting very easy and people starting to shoot in an enormous scale for various purposes. Many animals got killed for their leather, tusk, horn, etc. With the great killing of animals, the ecosystem was starting to get affected.

Hunting and Fishing License

The government slowly started imposing laws and restrictions on hunting. There were hunting licenses given; so if you want to go out hunting, then you must have these licenses.

The following are the topics you will read in the article:

  • Procedure to get a hunting license.
  • Exemptions.

Procedure to get hunting license:

  1. If you are planning to get a hunting license, then you will need a permit type, an authorized vendor, a department of natural resources or wildlife Department office, State identification card or a driver’s license, your old permit and the fees paid to get the permit.
  2. First, consider what type of hunting license you need. Depending on your age, experience in hunting and what kind of animals you are planning to hunt. Make sure that you check online or with someone about the restrictions and the qualifications you need before you can get the hunting permit.
  3. The next step is going to an authorized vendor like an outdoor supply store, big-box store or to a firearm supply store to get your license. If you happen to have a department of natural resources or wildlife Department office near you, then you can get your permit over there too.
  4. Provide all the necessary identification like your driver’s license when you are getting your permit in person. The qualification and requirement vary from region to region. Most of the regions allow citizen under the age of 17 to get a hunting license. If you do not have any ID or if you had forgotten to take your ID then you can use your previous years permit to get the permit.
  5. In Some states, they issue a lime time license while in others you need to renew the license every year. After the verification process, you can purchase the hunting license online in the state’s hunting website with your credit card if you are not able to go in person. You will receive your license via email.
  6. The charges of getting a hunting license get classified based on the type of weapon you have, the region of fishing, choice of animals you are going to hunt, etc.

The Exemptions:

  • There is no hunting license required to trap rodents and pest such as mice.
  • Active military men get free hunting and fishing licenses.
  • Young people who are under 12 years of age do not require a fishing or hunting license.