Hunting 101

Hunting, whether you’ve done it before or not, is a great experience for all to have. It brings you closer to nature and helps you develop a certain level of respect for it. Hunting isn’t just about going out and shooting something and calling it a day, hunting is a long and difficult activity. Some hunters spend days or weeks tracking an animal before they actually even take the shot, so it’s all a build up to the big moment. The smallest things make the big differences here, such as keeping your scent downwind and eliminating as much of it as you can right off the bat. Hunting is also great for bringing people together, corporate hunting retreats are quite popular and a fantastic way to bring people together!

You may be skeptical at the whole idea of going out and killing something, but rest assured that if you kill anything it’ll be used to the fullest extent. Even regular hunters hate hunters who do nothing but kill for trophy, those people ruin the sport. As long as you eat and use what you kill, all is well. Most of the animals that are regularly hunter are nuisance anyways and populations need to be limited artificially.

What Makes a Good Hunt

Before you can even think about hunting you have to identify a few key things – where you’ll be hunting, what you’re hunting, the weapon you’ll be using, potential risks you need to plan for, the clothes you’re going to wear, covering your scent, and even more. It’s also important to us that we mention gun safety, that’s where any good hunt is going to start. Too many easily avoidable hunting accidents have happened in the past, so safety is so important. Animals have far better senses of smell than you and I, and they smell a potential threat they’re likely going to bolt. You also need to stay visually camouflaged at all times. You have to think about all the little things like that in order to find success. Being in this high pressure environment is great for team building, from coworkers to family members! A good hunt can bring you closer to the people with you than you may have thought possible. The most popular animals to hunt in America are deer, wild hogs, and fowl. They’re all found in massive numbers all across the US. If you haven’t heard, wild hogs are causing somewhat of an epidemic thought the country, if you kill one of them you’re doing someone a favor.

What is a Hunting Lodge

If you want to go hunting on your own, you’re going to be dealing with a lot of extraneous stuff that takes away from the main fun of the experience for most, a lodge is the way to go. A hunting lodge provides you with three hot meals a day so you can keep going all day long, a warm place to sleep, and a base of operations for some great hunting. A lodge eliminates all of that unpleasant work and leaves you to enjoy your time hunting with your group. When you hunt from a lodge you’re likely to be given an experienced hunting guide, this fact alone makes your hunt far easier. Lodges are generally settles within huge swaths of land, meaning you’re not going to have any shortage of space or animals to go after. You also don’t have to worry about shooting towards others or any of that, just focusing on a successful hunt. Visit Georgia hunting professionals for more information.

Hunting Trip Tips

Hunting is one of the oldest human activities that there is, it is still widely practiced today and is worth at least for most people, you never know if you’ll end up loving it. If guns aren’t your thing then no worries, you can hunt with a traps or bows just as easily if that works better for you, it’s important that you feel comfortable. Hunting is partially skill and experience, other part luck and timing. You may not see the type of animal you want for weeks, only to literally see it every day for the next week, that’s just the way of nature. Hunting certainly is fun to do on your own but we recommend everyone go to a hunting lodge at least once just to do a hunt with 0 distractions other than your goal. Happy hunting and good luck!